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Welcome to the Quarterly Balance of Payments (BOP) Reports, your passport to understanding Kenya’s global economic relationships. At KNBS, we provide you with comprehensive insights into international trade and financial transactions.

Whether you’re a global trader seeking market opportunities or a policymaker shaping trade policies, our BOP reports shed light on Kenya’s economic interactions with the world.

Examples Of Quarterly BOP

Navigating the Tide of International Trade

Trade Balance Report

Global Trade Snapshot: This report offers an overview of Kenya’s trade balance, showcasing the value of exports and imports. It helps businesses and policymakers assess the nation’s trade position.

Capital and Financial Account Report

Capital Movements Unveiled: Dive into the financial account to understand the flow of capital in and out of Kenya. This report aids investors and financial institutions in tracking investments and financing.

Current Account Report

Economic Relationship with the World: The current account report outlines Kenya’s financial transactions with the rest of the world, covering trade in goods and services, income, and current transfers. It provides insights into Kenya’s economic relationships.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Report

Global Investments in Kenya: This report focuses on FDI flows, showcasing the investments made by foreign entities in Kenya. It helps policymakers and businesses gauge the attractiveness of Kenya as an investment destination.

Official Reserve Assets Report

Foreign Exchange Reserves Unveiled: Understand the level of foreign exchange reserves held by Kenya’s central bank. It’s critical for maintaining exchange rate stability and economic resilience.

Balance of Payments Forecast Report

Anticipating International Trade Trends: This report offers forecasts and outlooks for Kenya’s BOP, helping businesses and investors anticipate global trade trends and make informed decisions.

External Debt Report

Managing International Obligations: Gain insights into Kenya’s external debt, including the sources of borrowing and repayment schedules. It aids policymakers in debt management.

These Quarterly BOP Reports provide a comprehensive view of Kenya's international trade and financial transactions, offering valuable insights for businesses, investors, and policymakers. They are your guide to navigating the global economic landscape.

Quarterly BOP Reports

Kenya's Global Economic Connections

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