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Welcome to the Gross County Product (GCP) Page, your portal to discovering the economic vibrancy of Kenya’s diverse counties. At KNBS, we provide you with comprehensive GCP data, offering insights into the economic health of each county.

Whether you’re a local entrepreneur seeking growth opportunities or a policymaker focused on regional development, our GCP reports illuminate the economic vitality of Kenya’s counties.

Examples Of Gross County Product

Vital for Navigating Economic Vitality

Nairobi County GCP Report

Economic Hub of Kenya: Delve into the GCP report for Nairobi County, Kenya’s capital and economic powerhouse. Discover its contribution to the national economy and its diverse economic sectors.

Mombasa County GCP Report

Coastal Economic Dynamics: Explore the GCP report for Mombasa County, a key player in Kenya’s coastal trade and tourism. Learn about its economic activities and growth potential.

Rift Valley County GCP Report

Agricultural Heartland: The GCP report for Rift Valley County highlights its significance in agriculture and agribusiness. Gain insights into its contribution to food production.

Kisumu County GCP Report

Lakeside Prosperity: Discover the GCP report for Kisumu County, situated on the shores of Lake Victoria. Explore its economic strengths and potential for trade and industry.

Nakuru County GCP Report

Hub of Trade and Commerce: The GCP report for Nakuru County focuses on its role as a trade and transportation hub. Learn about its economic diversity and opportunities for investment.

County GCP Rankings

Comparative Prosperity: This report ranks Kenya’s counties based on their GCP, allowing for easy comparison and identification of areas with growth potential.

Agriculture vs. Industry vs. Services GCP

Sectoral Insights: Compare GCP data across counties in different economic sectors such as agriculture, industry, and services. It helps identify regional economic strengths.

These GCP reports provide valuable insights into the economic performance and potential of Kenya's counties, offering essential information for businesses, investors, and policymakers. They are your guide to understanding regional economic vitality.

Gross County Product Reports

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