Production Statistics Directorate

Key Responsibilities

The mandate of the Production Statistics Directorate involves collection, analysis, generation and maintenance of databases, and dissemination of Production Statistics in the areas of Labour, Industrial, Agricultural, Livestock, Environment, Natural Resources and Nutrition statistics.

The Directorate has the following functions;

  1. Collect, analyze, generate, maintain databases and disseminate Production statistics;
  2. Produce Consumer Price Index (CPI) and inflation rates;
  3. Compile Harmonized Consumer Price Indices (HCPI for COMESA & EAC);
  4. Compile International Comparison of Prices (ICP);
  5. Produce Leading Economic Indicators;
  6. Produce Producer Price Index (PPI);
  7. Produce market prices for commonly used goods and services;
  8. Collect and compile market food crop retail prices;
  9. Collect and compile farm gate prices;
  10. Produce agricultural input price indices;
  11. Generate labour productivity;
  12. Produce real estate price statistics;
  13. Compile construction cost indices;
  14. Generate Wholesale Price Index (WPI);
  15. Compile Human Development Indices;
  16. Prepare relevant Chapters in the Annual Economic Survey and Statistical Abstract;
  17. Produce Annual Statistical Abstract Tables;
  18. Develop and maintain agricultural holding sampling frame;
  19. Develop data quality framework;
  20. Respond to data request in all production related statistics;
  21. Undertake data entry, processing, analysis and dissemination;
  22. Maintain production statistics database(s); and
  23. Generate development related indicators data.


The Directorate is organized into four (4) divisions, namely;

  1. Labour and Price Statistics;
  2. Agriculture and Livestock Statistics;
  3. Food Monitoring, Nutrition and Environment; and
  4. Industrial Statistics.
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